Have no Audio with my Nokia model RM 984. While inserting battery heard audio for a few seconds.HELP. Also turned phone, hoping if I reset internet connection, maybe this might solve the problem. But alas, it did not work. I am desperate. HELP

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  • Can you rule out a hardware failure? – Aulis Ronkainen Aug 1 '18 at 11:57

Calm-down please. Tell us what happened before we can offer a possible solution.

As @Aulis pointed....

  1. Why did you removed the battery in first place?
  2. Did you dropped it somewhere? (just a blind-guess: liquid inside phone)

In-short: What were you doing with you Lumia 830, just before this happened?

I would suggest you to try a Soft Reset first:

Go to Start Screen. Then Press Volume Down + Power button, until phone vibrates. (can take 10-15 seconds). Wait for it to restart.

Hope this helps! You are welcome for more trouble-shooting.

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