Anyone who's still able to use truecaller services in their Windows phones?

In W10M or even WP8.1?

I've W10M (15254.527) and I can download the app, but it gives "Unknown error!" just before the OTP. I am trying to get it work from sometime with no success. Anyone got it working in any WP8.1 or W10M?

I tried resetting app data | re-installing the app | soft-reset.

Error Screenshot

I am aware that "Truecaller Inc." has taken-off support for Windows devices. Its no longer available on Store. (But I managed to download it from QR code, just now). truecaller website trucaller support page | Truecaller ends support :/

Thank you! :)

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The app's not working on my wife's 930, and hasn't been for some time. I think TrueCaller dropped support for Windows Mobile a little while ago.

I've told her to use the built-in Blocked Calls feature whenever she gets a call from a scammer, but TrueCaller was great for this while it was still working.

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