I prefer to use third-party DNS servers, regardless of what network I'm on, for various reasons. At home, I push this configuration to everyone via DHCP. Out and about, my laptop is locked onto my desired DNS servers no matter what DHCP serves up.

Is there a way to set a static DNS server configuration on my phone?


I don't think that this is an option, if you tap and hold on the wireless network you are connected to and choose "edit" all the text fields are grayed out. I am unable to do anything except add a proxy server. Though, if there is no DHCP I expect these to be editable. Too bad there does no appear to be a manual override.


The following worked for me:

  1. Go to Settings -> WiFi
  2. Enable proxy
  3. For the server/URL, enter your preferred DNS setting
  4. For the port, enter your port number if known or 80 which is default

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