I recently updated my Windows Phone 8 firmware but I noticed that it didn't clean the memory.

I have 12 Gb of used space under "others". And I have no idea what's in there.

Plus, I have 9 Gb of music+videos and my music and videos hubs is totally empty!


Fortunately or unfortunately, this is not a problem that has to do specifically with your firmware update.

As mentioned here is a recognized bug and Microsoft is working with Nokia to address this.

Your firmware update should have enabled the "Storage Check" module- to access this you need to go into Settings and scroll to the bottom of the list.

Detailed instructions are here.

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  • The last firmware update available for my phone and country (France) is the 1249. It does not have "Storage Check"... – MSIS Apr 10 '13 at 22:04

I just wrote about it may you can have a look here That's a know issue until now

Windows updates failed and using all the space in the phone memory, how to delete?

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