My Win10 phone was low in storage but it automatically started updating to new build/version. As a result when almost 600 MB download was left the update failed. Now I can neither update completely nor can I remove the incomplete downloaded system files. How can I recover my space by deleting or completing the incomplete update? Thanks!

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    What phone do you have? Maybe you can add an SD card and move some apps over to free up some space? – Thomas Jan 31 '19 at 10:24

I had the same problem long ago.

What I did was removing a lot of applications, redo the update (this time successfully) and reinstall the applications again.

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I too faced same issue. -> Try to uninstall apps from mobile memory. -> Temporarily disconnect from your outlook mail. -> If you have whatsapp, take backup to SD card and uninstall which will give some free space.

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