I have an old lumia 535 phone and could not upgrade the windows earlier. Now I want to upgrade the windows and unfortunately, Microsoft store for windows 8.1 is not functional and cannot install update advisor application. I would link to know that is there any alternative way to upgrade the windows on lumia 535 for example using windows computer?

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    Tool from Microsoft to upgrade the windows using pc: microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=56726 – User1551892 Feb 9 at 15:57
  • So did you solve the problem using the tool you linked? – Indrek Feb 12 at 13:24
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    yes. I was able to upgrade windows successfully on my cell phone. – User1551892 Feb 12 at 19:19
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    Then consider posting the solution as an answer, ideally with more details than just a link, to help others who might have the same issue and find this post. – Indrek Feb 13 at 9:32
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    Thanks. Will do. – User1551892 Feb 13 at 19:26

There were following two ways to upgrade windows 10 on phones with windows 8.1:

  1. Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor app

  2. Over-the-cable Updater tool for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Mobile 10

However, after shutting-down of Windows 8.1 app store and unavailability of Upgrade Advisor app on phone, option 1 is no longer a solution. To upgrade the windows on phone using option, download the software from following link and follow the instruction:


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