I like to periodically review my Start screen to see if there is anything I should remove or other apps I might want to pin. Typically I do this by un-pinning everything and then, starting from a blank screen, pinning just the apps I use most.

Manually removing everything from the Start screen is a bit tedious, and trying to really determine which apps I need there is sometimes even more so. Are there any apps, features, or special techniques that help with Start screen cleanup? I could use something that does one or more of the following:

  • Totally clean the Start screen - removing everything.
  • Show usage stats and other information for apps, such as:
    • Last time used.
    • Frequency of use.
    • Live tile options.
  • Recommend placement or removal of apps and Live tiles based on above information.

Are there apps or features that can help me with this, or any particular techniques I could use to refine my current manual process?


Unfortunately, there is no such app to this day that does any of the things you are looking for- perhaps, it is something you could build :)

Something of a workaround to achieve part of what you need ("Totally clean the Start screen") is to create a restore point with the bare minimum settings you would like and then whenever you feel like refreshing your icons, you can use that restore point. If this interests you, this tool will help you do that.

There is definitely nothing that measures frequency of use- this would be a tricky little metric to measure too as some apps do most of their work as a background process.

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