Based on the research I've done, I seem to have a somewhat unique problem.

I would like to keep using the Nokia Lumia 1520 that I have. But, after having dropped it a few too many times, the SD card slot has stopped functioning.

Now that the Windows Phone store is not operating, I can't download apps from there to a new unit.

How can I migrate apps from my current unit to a new unit, on Windows Phone 8.1, without needing an SD card?

I will acquire a new Lumia 1520 with Windows Phone 8.1 via eBay. But I won't be able to acquire the apps that I need and use anymore through the Windows Store.

One possible solution that came to mind is if there is an imaging solution, to make a complete image of the current unit and restore it on the new unit. Is that a possible solution? If so, how?

Another solution is to access the file system on the current phone and transfer the app files that way. (Sorry to sound "simple" but just trying to get the idea across!)

  • Has no one encountered this situation before? It does seem a bit unique I suppose... – bingmole Jun 9 at 16:59

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