Is it still possible to Developer unlock a Windows 8.1 phone? I have some audio recordings which are on the SD card inside the WPSystem\AppData and the app which recorded the audio crashes right at launch, rendering the data useless; however, EaseUS data recovery easily allows view of the audio files, but when I recover, the data is straight copied without decryption making the recovered file useless.

I found the answer here: Windows Phone WPSystem folders "security ID structure is invalid"

,but the phone needs to be developer unlocked and I cannot find a way to do it, all the google research turns up developer unlock solutions which are no longer available for download.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

  • What phone is it? Could you upgrade it to W10M? Windows 10 developer unlock is built in, no need to use an external tool for it. Alternatively, there may exist apps on the store that can perform the necessary change to "hijack" data from one app to another. You need an app that uses the file system APIs (not the Storage APIs) to interact with the SD card, and it's a little complicated, but it can be done entirely on the phone. – CBHacking Jul 26 '20 at 4:37

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