I was wondering if I toggling Highest connection speed in the cellular settings menu turns off a separate piece of hardware (the LTE radio).

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Are the LTE and 2G/3G radios the same components, or would disabling the LTE radio shutdown a piece of hardware.

The reason I'm asking is because I was wondering if setting it at 3G could save some battery life when there is no LTE coverage.

If it matters I am using a Lumia 920.

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I don't know technically if it turn some hardware off but indeed if you set to a lower connection speed your phone will stop to search for this.

Imagine you are in some place here 3G is good but 4G not. If your phone has the connection speed set to 4G it will keep trying get this speed for you. But if you set to 3G as soon as it gets a 3G network its stop to search for a higher one.

Nokia gave me part of this info and said that for places where you don't have good 3G its works the same if you set to 2G.

The summary is:

Does the phone shutdown some part of hardware? I don't know. Does the phone save some battery in specify occasions? Yes.

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