My Lumia 520 absolutely refuses to connect to my university campus wifi, which would be ideal as lectures like pushing content to our intranet. The phone keeps asking for my username and password. Then after I enter them, it simply says "connection unsuccessful". Both username and password are correct, as it works no problem on my laptop.

This is puzzling as previously my android handset connected with no problem. The android interface even a lot more sense to me, coming from a PC background. I knew exactly where to enter the information.

The Lumia just asks for a password and username and then I'm assuming it automatically knows what kind of wifi network it's connecting to, but then it doesn't. I'm really disappointed as you'd expect a company like Microsoft to package a phone with a decent set of network protocols to at least keep it technologically relevant.


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If you are using windows phone 8.1 Os than static IP might be the possible issue: Read detailed solution here or else you can watch this video

As I stated The reason might be Static IP, which is a new feature introduced in the LUMIA CYAN update with windows phone 8.1.

So you will have to turn off static IP, possibly if the settings does not match the particular default gateway your are trying to connect.

You can find the detailed description in the links given. The blog has some more reasons mentioned in the article, but mainly this is the major issues concerned with the phone, other reasons are related to router and internet.

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