I just got a replacement WP8 Nokia 928 for a defective one. After putting the SIM card in the new phone from the old I went through the start up options and one of them was to restore from my old phone, it showed the name of the old phone ore start with a clean slate. I select restore settings from the old phone and everything seemed to be going well until I got an error message that said it was not able to restore because it lost signal (my paraphrase). Ever since then I have 16 of these messages in my Market place message area, Downloading Application Attention required tap here. Can I get rid of these w/o resetting my phone?

  • Update: I did a reset of my phone and restore from the previous, i.e. the same one I started the other day. I received no error messages and it finished successfully, but still I have 16 stuck "Downloading Application" Attention required... messages. Is this a bug? – John Aschenbrenner Sep 19 '13 at 20:27
  • If you click those apps they provide more info? I had a similar problem. It was because some apps were removed from the store (but the backup hold them) and apps that were carrier or OEM specifics. I changed from an HTC to a Nokia. – Vitor Canova Sep 20 '13 at 11:52

After some frustration and searching I found the answer here.

In short, if you hold the "Downloading application" progress message instead of tapping it, a pop-up dialog appears offering a "Retry" or "Cancel download" option. Tapping "Cancel" successfully cancels the corresponding download.

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