I just bought a new Nokia Lumia 920. It doesn't have Glance or "call+SMS filter", while my own Lumia 920 does have them.

  • Bought from an independent shop in Israel, though it appears to have been imported from Italy - box says Garanzia Italia (...) Nokia Sales international Oy, sede secondaria in Italia, Via Lancetti, 20158 Milano.
  • About says OS version: 8.0.10326.78, just like my own phone.
  • "Phone updates" finds nothing.
  • Nokia's "extras+info" says Lumia Amber, Application version, while mine says
  • Neither has a Nokia Account defined.

I guess I need to update the Nokia application - how would I do that?


Download Lumia Pusher, run it and let it check for the outdated Lumia applications, then update them and everything will be fine.

  • Eventually apps update worked, didn't use Lumia Pusher.
    – Jonathan
    Apr 28 '14 at 22:08

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