I want to make a very simple app for my windows phone. Do i really need to pay & get the 19$ dev account, even if i plan to distribute my app for free ?


Yes, according to Microsoft, a paid developer account is needed to submit any app. You can submit 100 free apps once paid up.

  • thank you, read the same part but really wasn't sure though, its really sad when u cant post free apps freely, will leave this question open for a day to see if i get any alternate replies, if no other response by tomorrow, will tick your answer & go find my 19$ :) – Sunny Oct 25 '13 at 18:55
  • And you still need a paid developer account to distribute them freely. – caschw Oct 25 '13 at 20:31
  • @caschw, a night of relentless searching lead me to the same conclusion, i just created my first app yesterday, emulated on my device using vs2012. thanks for your reply, gonna get myself a paid account :P (also thanks a ton for the support you rolling to this community, i keep seeing your answers everywhere in the wp8 stack exchange) – Sunny Oct 26 '13 at 7:44
  • @Sunny You might want to contact user Lance McCarthy as he is a Nokia Ambassador and sometimes can give out developer tokens. – caschw Oct 26 '13 at 13:49
  • @Sunny By the way consider mask this as your answer. – Vitor Canova Oct 26 '13 at 17:36

There is Windows Phone App Studio where you can create simple apps online and is free. If your app is simple enough, that might work. I haven't personally tried it.

Windows Phone App Studio lets you swiftly build apps for immediate publishing, testing, and sharing with clients, co-workers, and focus groups. Need to make changes or try variations? With the App Studio it's a snap!

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    This is for app creation, and allows one phone to be dev unlocked. Paid dev accounts unlock 3 phones. You cannot distribute your app in the store. A paid account is still needed for that. – caschw Oct 25 '13 at 20:41
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    "I want to make a very simple app for my windows phone." – jmmr Oct 26 '13 at 3:17
  • @jimueller, i hadn't worded the question very clearly, i had meant more along the lines of distributing my developed apps in the app store for free (the word simple there was a bit miss leading) But your awesome to have found an alternative angle to the question that the OP never thought of :) – Sunny Oct 26 '13 at 7:40

With Windows Phone App studio you can build apps. And test them on you own device for free. But to publish an app to the store, a paid Developer Account is required. With this account, you can publish app to both, The Windows App Store and the Windows Phone App Store.

Check this link for Free Developer Account from Nokia.


If you are a student, you can register as a developer to the Windows Store.

Go to Dreamspark and get registered. And then use the statements (https://www.dreamspark.com/Student/Windows-Store-Access.aspx)

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