I have a Lumia 820, and use a lot of data on it as well as plenty gaming. Of course, fast battery drainage is a result. The battery always gets eaten up by mid-day every day. I was thinking about getting some extra batteries, but I am not sure if it might bad for my phone?

Thanks in advance!


If you are running out of battery where you cannot finish the day without the phone dying, having a replacement battery you can swap out will not damage the phone at all as long as you purchase a suitable replacement. In fact, this has been a common practice amongst business users and a complaint about many high end phones which tend to not have replaceable batteries.

Nokia even sells portable battery chargers if you do not want to carry an extra battery around.

  • I carry a third-party portable charger and really love having it. Nov 7 '13 at 4:51

No it won't. I don't have a Lumia 820, but I do have an extra battery that I switch to when my Lumia 822 dies. The battery life is much improved, and my phone still work good enough for me now.

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