I want to type a friend's name, but the auto-suggest feature of the keyboard insists that I couldn't possibly have spelled that right -- and changes the my friend's name. How can I tell it to not use the automatic suggestion for this one word only? [Name of friend is Dany, WP7.8 changes that to Can't].

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Type in your friend's name and after the last character of the name typed (and before hitting space), tap the name which gives you and option like this:

enter image description here

Tapping the +[Somename] adds that word to the dictionary and will no longer be auto corrected.

  • +1 for picture, that shows the word must be selected to be able to add it.
    – erict
    Nov 15, 2013 at 21:17

Click on your friend's name to select it, and you should see an option in the suggestion bar like +Dany. Click +Dany and it will add your friend's name to the dictionary.


Another solution (maybe a workaround) is to exit the textbox by touching something outside of it, then entering the textbox again. Now it doesn't suggest anything and entering a space will not change the word.

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