When I'm viewing a list of things and they are grouped by letter, I can click the letter and a picker like this pops up:
enter image description here
The last element ("international" - the globe icon) shows the entries in other languages. Can I change the language of the "primary" catalog? I want to get a map of the letters in my native language and have the rest under "international" (English included). Perfectly I need this only in my Peope app.

I've tried changing the language of the phone to my language, and it has the desired effect, but I prefer to keep English as my main.


Changing the user interface language is an all-or-nothing thing. The only way you could change this just for the people app would be to redesign the app to allow specifying the langauge for that app.

  • Thanks. Expected this kind of answer, but was hoping for something else. Dec 15 '13 at 20:47

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