Is it possible to show the Nokia Glance screen in landscape mode? We are using a dock that holds the phone in landscape mode for a Lumia 925 and it is a little annoying that the clock is shown sideways.

Update: The "Black" Update by Nokia is already installed, I know the feature isn't there either.

Update 2: The feature has been suggested here, please upvote it if you want it too.


No it isn't. And as someone who has a Lumia 1520 with the Nokia Black update, that feature isn't in there either.


The latest iteration of Nokia Glance will be what is packaged in the Lumia Black update. The newest features are highlighted here and there is no mention of landscape mode.

I'd suggest opening a ticket here if a similar ticket doesn't already exist. Representatives from the Windows Phone/Nokia teams do look at this forum and post feedback when available.

  • Thanks, the feature was already suggested there (albeit with only one vote). I Upvoted the existing suggestion. Looks like I have to look for alternative apps. Jan 19 '14 at 19:43

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