I am using windows phone (WP 8), and do have windows 2008 R2 server as my using machine. Whenever I try to install WindowsPhone.exe, it says 'only supported on windows 7 or windows 8'. Earlier I was using WP 7.5 for that I installed Zune package on my windows server 2008 R2 by finding a way to extract the exe and install (it bypasses OS version check).

Now, I want to sync my windows phone 8 device (contacts, calender, etc) with my windows server 2008 R2. For this I want to install WindowsPhone.exe application on windows server 2008.

As there is a way to install zune on windows server 2008 even it is not supported.

My question is - is there any way to install this WindowsPhone.exe desktop application on windows server 2008 R2.


The Windows Phone app for desktop is not supported on Windows Server, nor does it sync contact or calendar - only music, pictures and video.

The Zune software only support Windows Phone 7 devices, not Windows Phone 8 (WP8).

Photos, Music & Video

When a WP8 device is connected to a PC, it's possible to view the phones's media using Windows Explorer

Contacts & Calendar

Sync your email, contacts, calendar, etc with a service such as Gmail or Outlook.com - then sync that account with your PC.

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