I am a freak who likes to keep things organized.

I have spent past year collecting accurate information for my song collection (i.e. info on Singer, Contributing Artists, Album, Year, Songwriter, composer etc.) & editing this info (in id3 tags) on my PC using Mediamonkey.

Now I want my cellphone to accurately use this info.

I am currently using Android. But Android does not provide a good interface to id3 tags (or so I have read on various android forums).


If a song has multiple contributing artists, then this info is entered as following: singer 1 ; singer 2.

In android, instead of displaying these two artists separately in the Artist's list (in any Music Player) a single artist is shown with a single name: Singer 1 / Singer2.

This was just an example. There are many other things that show the poor interface to and poorer use of id3 tags.

I want to know if Windows Phone provides a better integration by default, if not, then does it has an app that does so?

  • So you want to know if the built-in music player supports ID3 tags properly? – Neil Turner Feb 11 '14 at 18:02
  • @NeilTurner: In a way, yes. But according to my understanding, the OS provides this interface and I am not sure if an app can handle this data on its own. However it that is possible, is there an app that can handle data properly. – kmdhrm Feb 11 '14 at 18:44

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