How do I setup channel bonding for my Lumia 1020 with Linksys E1000 router?

For the router WiFi setting, I already set its channel width to Auto (20/40hz), but still getting 20Mbps instead of 50Mbps on desktop with Ethernet cable.


According to Wikipedia that is not channel bonding

On IEEE 802.11n, a mode with a channel width of 40 MHz is specified. This is not channel bonding, but a single channel with double the older 20 MHz channel width, thus using two adjacent 20 MHz bands.

Since it uses two adjacent channels you should try changing your Wi-Fi channel since there may be interference. I would also recommend changing it from 'Auto' to '40Mhz' to test if you can in fact get higher speeds than 20Mbps.

  • The setting for channel width on my router only have "20 MHz" or "Auto (20/40)MHz", does that mean I'm out of luck getting 50 MHz with my router? I tried to switch channel numbers but that doesn't help much. – Ray Cheng Mar 10 '14 at 21:00

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