I have two phones, one from work and one of my own. Outside office hours I still want to get calls from customers or colleagues, so I use call forwarding feature a lot. The Windows Phone remembers which number I usually forward to, and that’s great. But I’m curious of how I should do to change it, if I need to.

Nokia Lumia call forwarding

Q: How do I change call forward number?

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Where you've got the number in a box, that's actually a button, and pressing it will prompt you to choose a different destination to divert to.


In my Sansung Focus when I turn it off and after turn it on again it asks again for the number.

In the state you show I can click on the phone number and change.

Another trick that works (in Brazil works) is activate forward by calling to *21*phoneNumber# and to desactivate call #21#

  • Good answer (+1). On my network in Canada, #21# often ends up getting tangled in the phone company's HLR. A complete reset of the call forwarding can help avoid this (I use ##21#.) I have contacts for my most common "forward to X" and "unforward" numbers. This makes it easy to do without typing numbers all the time. See geckobeach.com/cellular/secrets/gsmcodes.php for a pretty comprehensive list of GSM feature codes. – Joel Brown Oct 13 '12 at 19:53

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