I was wondering if Google could be made the default search engine by pressing the 'Search' button rather than Bing. I'm not sure if Microsoft is okay with this.


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Considering Bing is not just used for mere searching, but also integrates with the marketplace, and have support for places, vision, music and voice-search, replacing it with Google would require a large number of Google Services, and not just the search-engine.

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From a Microsoft Answers post:

The default search engine is indeed set by the provider. At the moment, there is no way for the end-user to override this default. Many have asked for this feature, and I really hope we get it in a future update as the current behavior is anything but user-friendly.

So there doesn't seem to be an official way at the moment.

There is a homebrew tool that could allow this, but you'd need a developer-unlocked phone, and it only seems to change the behavior of the button within IE, not system-wide.

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  • There is a workaround for the end-user to override the default (see my answer), so the comment you've quoted is not currently accurate. Feb 4, 2014 at 17:04

It is possible to open Google from the the search button by changing your search language:

SETTINGS enter image description here system enter image description here language+region enter image description here Browser & search language enter image description here Bashkir (Russia)

Not all languages will work for this. I recommend Bashkir because it will make your phone open Google, but not make Google attempt to translate the results you find.

search button enter image description here enter image description here

If the above doesn't work, you may have to change another setting:

SETTINGS enter image description here applications enter image description here Internet Explorer enter image description here advanced settings enter image description here Default search provider

Change default search provider from Bing to Google.

  • +1 Worked for my Nokia Lumia 925 WP8, the search button used to open a bing search screen, after changing browser and search language to russian the search button now opens IE and directs to google. The language of google's site however, is controlled by cookies or location and therefor remained my language. Thanks!
    – Roi Gavish
    Feb 4, 2014 at 18:53

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