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How Can I Change My Live ID?

I have several email accounts on a second WP7 phone. My wife now uses it, so I want to remove my Hotmail account from it.

The only option when you hold down on the email account is Sync. I gather this is because it is the primary account, otherwise it should show "Delete" as a second option.

How do you replace or remove a primary email account?


Whenever passing a phone to someone new to use, I'd recommend a hard reset, which, for the Nokia Lumia can be achieved by pressing the buttons as below (when the phone is turned off):

Photo demonstrating how to perform a hard reset

This will leave the phone "as new" for your wife (in this case) to set up using her own primary account.


This is because your e-mail account is the main account on that Windows Phone, you will need to reset your phone to change the Live ID. On the Nokia Lumia you can alternatively reset like this:

Note that you will lose all your data if you do this, anything you still need...

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I think that to remove the primary e-mail (Live ID) is doing a Hard Reset. You will lose all data.


Only with Hard-Reset. The primary Hotmail account it's impossible to delete, only sincronization is possible

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