If the battery is empty and I switch on the phone after recharge the date and time is not correct. Is that normal for Windows Phones or for the HTC Radar or is there anything wrong?

I couldn't find any information on that. Thank you!


sounds like a hardware fault to me -- with a HTC Titan, I can remove the battery completely, and the real time clock is maintained.

  • I also thought about this. It's weird, as all other devices I use have a date/time(...) memory. It's a strange behavior.. – Fabian Leutgeb May 12 '12 at 21:13

Some hardware problem to me. Just like the previous answerm with my Titan I remove the battery completely and when I turn on the phone, time clock is mantained


The mobile's main board has an internal battery (button cell). It may have rusted, disconnected or be flat. This internal battery saves the phone's date and time.

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