At work I have my ringer volume set to 1/30 (which still seems very loud...). When I connect the USB cable to sync or charge I still get a very loud notification sound. Is it possible to reduce the volume when I plug it in? Failing that, is there a way to turn the USB connectivity sound off?


The only way I've found to turn of the "da-da-duh" sound you get when the phone connects to a power source or to Zune, is by toggling the Ring+Vibrate/Vibrate to vibrate. Its not as much of a hassle as I thought it would be. Right before I plug it in, I click the volume rocker, toggle to vibrate, plug it in, and toggle back to ring+vibrate. It take about 1.5 seconds.

The only sounds I can explicitly turn off on the HD7 are Reminders, Key Press, Lock/Unlock, Camera Shutter and "All Other Notifications". Even shutting of "All Other Notifications" doesnt mute the usb connection sound.

I know it's not an elegant solution, but until WP7 gives us the ability to change individual volumes, this works for me.


You can do this by editing the registry (I use wp7RootTools):

  • Using your registry editor, browse to Current User\ControlPanel\Sounds\BatteryCharging
  • Change the value in the InitVol key to 0 (or whatever volume you prefer - on my phone, it was initially set to 75)

That's it! Note that you can also change the battery charging sound by altering the Sound key to point to a different wma file.

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