While updating windows phone 7 to 7.5 in Zune I am getting the error below. Can someone please tell me what is wrong, and what the fix would be?

Can't check for updates right now. Please try again later. An Error has occurred: 80072F76


Microsoft has posted a pretty thorough KB article that might help. I'm only going to include the high level points. I suggest you read the full article for troubleshooting. Essentially, something is stopping Zune from talking to Microsoft's update server.

If you receive Windows Update error 80072efe or 80072f76 while checking for updates, it might be caused by a connection interruption between your computer and the Windows Update servers. ... If you still receive this error after checking your Internet connection, it might mean that a program running on your computer is preventing Windows Update Services from accessing the Internet. Programs that might do this include firewalls, antispyware software, web accelerators, Internet security or antivirus programs, or proxy servers.

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