When I bought my Nokia Lumia 800, I was aware that it did not have a gyroscope or front-facing camera, but I didn't think they were that important to me.

Now that Skype is out I do miss the FFC, but I have never been bothered about the gyroscope until today, when I installed Photosynth.

When opening Photosynth I get a warning, saying that full functionality would not be available because of the lack of a gyroscope. However, it does have a compass and accelerometer, and the app works as I would expect it to.

How differently would Photosynth work on a phone with a gyroscope, like the Lumia 900?

What else is the gyroscope useful for? Just some games?

  • having a accelerometer would be enough however gyroscope is more accurate and hence it would make taking the pic much easier.
    – LZH
    Jun 6 '12 at 7:16
  • I added a link in my answer. Maybe it can help. Jun 7 '12 at 14:33

Gyroscope can improve the same data you already have. Some apps like compass apps would work better with this sensor.

I think gyroscope can precisely feel when you hang your phone with your arm straight and starts to turn yourself. I think compass fell when you turn only the phone in its own axis.

Edit:Testing Photosynth with and without gyro.


In theory using the gyroscope will be more accurate and wont lag/jump-around like using the compass+accelerometer found on the Lumia 800.

In real-world usage the gyroscope doesn't make a noticeable difference when compared to using the compass+accelerometer.


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