I can't install any apps. I'm in need of Apps.I already clicked "I Forgot My password". I dont know my Live account password.I created a new account but can't add in my accounts. Syncing my account also doesn't work.I want to reset my phone but don't know how to.And is it 100% guaranteed that if i reset my password my store would work ? Please answer me as soon as possible .


Basically this error occurs on two reasons:

  1. When someone skips linking #Microsoft account to phone during phone setup.
  2. If the #Microsoft account linked to phone is not syncing.

As per this reference the only fix is to reset the phone to factory.

There is a side way, go to, settings >> email+accounts, then select the Microsoft account you used for phone setup and enter the password again. Hope it helps.

  • A third option is that this is a stolen phone. – GaTechThomas Oct 19 '14 at 15:24

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