I am using a Nokia Lumia 920. Previously in Windows Phone 8.0 I was able to on my vibration while ringing. But when I upgraded it to 8.1, it no longer have option of vibrate + ring.

I number of times getting into trouble because of this, in crowd, or while traveling I do not understand my phone is ringing or not.

If it's default feature of 8.1 can you suggest any app which can override this feature?


You can toggle vibrate on and off in the volume bar:

Press either of the volume keys to open the volume bar, then expand it by tapping the chevron. Tap the "VIBRATE ON"/"VIBRATE OFF" icon to toggle vibrate.

Alternatively, go to Settings → ringtones+sounds, you can also toggle vibrate there.


Its not a default feature of windows 8.1 You can get the vibration on/off option on the volume bar which appears when you press either of the two.. or you can also go to settings-> ringtones+sounds->vibrate- on/off.

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