I am currently in the process of getting a nokia lumnia 800 phone. Is it possible to install to get windows 8 beta installed on it as the operating system and if so, how can I go about it?

  • It might be that kernels are shared (now or in the future), but you will not want such big beast on your mobile. – Tamara Wijsman Jun 5 '12 at 19:34

Is not possible install Windows 8 on Windows Phone Device. Maybe in a near future we can Update Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8 (name not confirmed yet).

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    This is interesting - phonearena.com/news/… If it was not possible to upgrade at least 2nd generation phones to WP8, it would be quite a PR disaster for Microsoft and Nokia. – paradroid Jun 6 '12 at 13:22
  • Ya. I saw the same chat session. Will be very bad if MSFT starts to do the same thing Android id. So many version. – Vitor Canova Jun 6 '12 at 14:06

"Windows 8 on Arm" as it was known during the early development stages, to be released as Windows RT edition will only be made available to OEMs for pre-install. The retail versions will only be available for Intel architecture.

Windows Phone devices are not based on Intel architecture, so you'll have to wait for any future update to be made available by Microsoft and your network operator (in a similar manner to how Mango has been made available to those original handsets) - of course this assumes there will be an edition to migrate existing phone devices from, but Microsoft are being very quiet on this.

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