I'm just messing around to find the way to share an App or a game between two Lumia phones. I have tried to find the solution but I did not succeed yet. The two Lumia phones are a Lumia 525 and a Lumia 930.

Thanks in advance.

Updated: For example, I have the game installed name "ABC" and I want to share this game to another Lumia phone of mines. Except for sharing the link to the game page on the Store, how can I send this game to another Lumia phone?.


Sharing the store link is the easiest way as you can't transfer an app and app-data through bluetooth, wifi etc.

You could make a full device backup on one phone and restore it on another after a hard reset. This way you can copy some of the app data (depending on how the developer saved your data) to another device.

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    So finally I got That install through App Store , there is no other option to send installed apps. – Harshal Mahajan Nov 4 '14 at 14:42

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