As an avid WP user, I really enjoy Cortana (even though it's not available in my language and I've set my region to the wrong setting just to be able to use it). I I like that I really use it and it makes performing some tasks less tedious. Every once in a while, new features are added to it.

I've read up about what I can say, and check that list every once in a while. The problem is, I don't know if that list gets updated or if it does; when.

Is there a change log for the features of Cortana? I've found this, but it's more of a blog post than a real (developer) change log. Is there something similar which shows me list of updates sorted by version and date and their updates (or added features) to Cortana?


Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an official change log at the moment. I would recommend keeping an eye on the Windows Central's Cortana page. It's currently the most reliable source for finding out about new Cortana features IMHO. http://windowscentral.com/cortana

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