In Local Scout, if you select a company, it will show their details, including an applications tab, which can show some useful connections (things like links to driving directions apps and things like that) - however, there are a few completely irrelevant applications in the list of those available to install, for example, "Flashlight-X Pro" - is there any way to hide this application from the list?

  • The same thing happens in the Picture and Music & Video hubs. I think it is down to the developer to accurately describe the abilities of the app.
    – paradroid
    Jun 8 '12 at 14:17

Well, those applications have now disappeared from the applications tab, so perhaps someone at Microsoft noticed -- I also see from a blog post that they're encouraging people to report applications that appear to have invalid keywords to reportapp@microsoft.com


I think some apps show in Scout because the way depeloper opted in in App Connect

Some apps can show in Music+Video Hub, Picture Hub, Scout and so on. Maybe this developer choose to show in Scout.

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