Defining Secure for this question: A secure messenger is one that doesn't connect people based on their mobile number. Or, even if it does connect people based on their number, I get to choose who can connect with me. Maybe secure is not the right word here, because I am not laying stress on data encryption. I want to remain hidden.

Defining Fast: A fast messenger is one which doesn't take long to start and shouldn't require a strong net connection.


I want to connect to few close friends and don't want to be seen/connected to every person who has my number saved in their address book. Something like chatting with the old fashioned Gtalk and Yahoo messenger.

"Then why not use Gtalk or Yahoo?" I have tried Yahoo and Gtalk equivalent apps but they tend to be slow. I often have to go to rural areas where there is no 3G, only EDGE, and these apps rely on a strong internet connection. Among all the apps I have tried only WhatsApp seems to work properly on EDGE.

Apps that I have tried so far:

  • WhatsApp: fast but not secure (everyone can ping me)
  • Hike: slow
  • IM+ (used with gmail): secure but very slow
  • Skype: too slow, takes a long time to connect on EDGE and messages don't get delivered instantly
  • Telegram: not secure
  • Kik: the perfect app. Secure, as it allows me to connect via an ID, and fast, but the push notifications are not working properly. Crashes a lot!

Any suggestions?


AFAIK the best option would be Threema. This messaging tool is made by a swiss company supporting end-to-end encryption and no need for any personal data if you don't want. According to the company any data will be deleted from their servers as soon as a message was delivered. I haven't tried it myself yet but I heard some good things.


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