I want to sell a Lumia 925 and need to know if it is SIM Locked. Is it possible to find out if it is without using a SIM card from another provider (which I don't have)?

  • I have new info for you in my edit. Should clarify any doubt. Jan 17, 2015 at 11:18

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Good question.

I don't know if this can help but at least in Lumia phones in extra+info there is a "Manufacturer Name" and "Mobile Operator".

I think one of them can have information about the carrier and maybe it will tell you if it is associate with the carrier.

In my unlocked Lumia 920 I have this info:

You can see RM-821-lta-brazil_253 that maybe can have carrier info in your case.

I believe the mobile operator give your more clue about this, in my case it says only 000-BR. I think in case of carrier lock this 000 would changed to carrier number.

All this info is speculative. Here in Brazil is illegal lock the user to a carrier so they are not locking phones anymore (as far as I know) just making you sign the x years contract.


I found new information with help of Windows Central.

Basically it points to a official Windows Phone Dev article titled Registry values for carrier-unlocked phones

There you can see that, in my case, 000-BR is a unlocked version for Brazil.

You just need to go to extra-settings and see which is your Mobile Operator and found in the list.

  • And mine says "ORG-UK" For an EE (was "Orange") locked phone.
    – Rowland Shaw
    Jan 1, 2015 at 20:34
  • 1
    Mine says "000-DE" for an unlocked German one. So having the three leading zeros seems to mean unlocked. Jan 2, 2015 at 12:48
  • mine 000-GB payg phone from carphone warehouse uk looks unlocked
    – sisqo
    Jul 13, 2018 at 11:05
  • VOB-GB for me being locked to Virgin mobile
    – RADXack
    Apr 27, 2019 at 1:55

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