IS it true Lumia 535 (OS 8.1 updated) is less touch sensitive than other Lumia phones? The High/medium/Low sensitivity option also absent in this phone. Waiting for answers........


Touch issue hasn't been fixed after the last update for Lumia 535 (8.10.14226.359 / 02055.00000.14511.22002). Microsoft can't even properly respond to the new reports about that problem. All they can advice is to factory reset our phones - which obviously did nothing to bugged touch screen driver (or defective digitizer).

Also Lumia 535 has no touch sensivity options available.


Well there's two parts to that answer: First, there were some issues with the touchscreen on the Lumia 535 when it first came out, but it's since been fixed.

Second, the Lumia 535 does not have a high sensitive touchscreen like some of the higher end Lumia models meaning you can't use the phone using regular gloves. You shouldn't notice this during regular use though.

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