Is there an app (official or otherwise) to access Stack Exchange communities for Windows Phone? Or does the mobile website work well?

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    yeah, the SE sites do have pretty good moblie views (especially compared to a lot of other sites) so I'll be sticking with IE as long as there's no official app (or something done by Rudy Huyn perhaps? :D).
    – Thomas
    Jan 29, 2015 at 17:01

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If you are willing to work with some bugs, this might be an option. Personally, though, like @RowlandShaw, I use IE.

EDIT: The app I linked to has been officially released, so the bugs shouldn't be a glaring issue anymore.


There is an API, but no official app - I just use IE.

If you do find issues using the site using the mobile browser, you can raise these on the meta site which discusses issues about (using) this site.

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