I face a difficulty in whatsapp in my lumia 535. That I can't forward any media(photo,video or audio) file to broadcast list which I made from my selected contacts. Also the biggest problem is that I can't find any audio file in my phone which I already downloaded via whatsapp. So please give your suggestions. Thank you.


Actually such audio and video files are saved on phone but there is no direct way to access them. However you can use a file manager app to list them out. I am using Lumia 535 (WP-8.1,RM-1090) and I can access all my audio/video files via a file manager app namely Metro File Manager. I can access all the media which I have downloaded from Whatsapp via path Phone\Pictures\WhatsApp. It is worth to note that although the folder is located in Pictures, it will hold all types of media shared via WhatsApp. I have already answered this here.

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