When will the WhatsApp calling feature be available on Windows Phone?

Currently when someone with WhatsApp calling tries to call me using WhatsApp, they get a message saying that this contact needs to update WhatsApp. However, there are currently no updates for WhatsApp available on the store.

  • This is something only WhatsApp can answer - afaik they have not made an official statement when this feature will become available on Windows Phone.
    – Thomas
    Apr 5 '15 at 9:25

WhatsApp have confirmed that this feature is "in the works" for Windows Phone, although no ETA has been given.

WhatsApp Calling for your platform is still in the works. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on any future release timelines but we appreciate your interest in WhatsApp Calling.

Source: WMPU

Update: Calling functionality is now availably in the WhatsApp beta version, according to Windows Central.

Update 2: The Calling feature should now be available to everyone, Windows Central reports.

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