I am able to create an ad hoc WiFi network on my laptop and it is waiting for users. Now when I try to connect from my windows phone 7.5 I can find this WiFi, but when I supply the password it says "INCORRECT PASSWORD" and this happens repeatedly even though I am entering the correct password.

  • I think Windows Phone does not support ad hoc connection. Sep 19 '12 at 1:06

Might be useful if you supply more details, but I will assume that you are using internet connection sharing on your Windows 7 laptop.

I had a similar problem with my iPad and it was due to the security protocol Windows was using for the ad hoc network (for me it was WPA2-Personal). Try changing the encryption to WEP and see if this works.

WEP is not very secure and can easily be cracked, so I would advise using caution.

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