I've recently bought a Microsoft Lumia 535. When I connect the phone to the computer (Windows 7) the OS cannot find the correct drivers for the phone.

Windows recognizes that the phone was connected and opens a Windows Phone application but the drivers are still with errors on the device manager. I do need the drivers properly installed so I can connect this phone to the Visual Studio 2013 Dev Tools.

This is what I have tried so far:

  • Different USB cables.
  • Uninstalling the USB drivers and reconnecting the phone.
  • Having the phone connected to the PC while it is rebooting.

Below I've inserted an image with a small "preview" of what is going on:

Problem Preview

Bottom line is, the Windows OS cannot find a controller for the Lumia 535 (RM-1089).

  • You mention VS 2013, but you can't develop for Windows Phone 8.1 on Win7, Win8 or better is required! – Neil Turner Jul 17 '15 at 19:45

Your drivers will get downloaded from the Windows update .. so update it when u have an active internet connection or check for updates after u keep your phone connected


Try this

  1. Disconnected the Windows Phone 8 from the Windows 8 PC

  2. On the PC, went to Devices and Printers

  3. Right-clicked on the Windows Phone icon and chose to "Remove device"

  4. Re-connected the phone to the PC

    When it reconnected I had to select what default action to take whenever the phone is connected. I chose to open File Explorer (rather than one of the other scripts, such as import music and videos).

Credits: Source

  • I've tried it with no success. Still no drivers detected. – Ricardo Mota Jun 11 '15 at 19:55

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