enter image description herei am currently using 730 lumia. yesterday i downgraded my os from 10149 to 8.1 due to excess storage taking in phone memory and after reset my phone, i was moved all the files from sd card to my pc. after formatting my sd card(class 10 transend 16gb) i put my all stuff again in sd card..but when i saw my storage in mobile , my all stuffs are showing under the others file. but if i mange to music from music under storage sd card then it is managing but in the music file under storage shoing 0 bytes and same thing happening with all types of folder...but all stuffs are in same location where it was. please help me...i am trying 6-8 time in different ways to put all the file in particular folder but same things are repeated every time. here is my attachment.

please hep me...and when i insert my sd card into the ohone showing and another option..m s

  • Did you copy/paste the folder structure IN ADDITION to the files? – karancan Jul 23 '15 at 18:16

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