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Help to save you data plan by monitoring yours cellular data connection.

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What is "Data to restore" and why is it using mobile/Wi-Fi data?

I was looking at data usage in the Data Sense app on my Lumia 920 (running WP 8.1 dev preview), and noticed that one of the entries in the list was called "Data to restore", with non-trivial amounts ...
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How to reset Data Sense statistics?

Is there a way to drop all collected statistics to zero? Is this possible using Data Sense app or any system settings?
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Why Internet Sharing is shown like it had used cellular data AND WiFi in DataSense?

I was looking at DataSense data in my phone and suddenly saw this strange behavior: As you can see the Internet Sharing used 268MB of cellular data and 279MB WiFi. What it means? If I'm sharing ...
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Is there a way to limit cellular data down to 3G only from 4G/LTE in Win 10 Mobile?

I have a Lumia 930 running the latest slow branch tech preview and I recently upgraded my data plan from 3G to 4G/LTE. But now the phone is consuming battery like crazy even when I'm not really using ...
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How to keep track of daily mobile data limit?

Using the Data Sense app, I can set a number of different data limits (pre-paid, monthly, unlimited), but what seems to be missing is a daily limit. This makes it hard to keep track of such limits ...
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Data sense says I've used far more data than Verizon

I just got a Lumia Icon 2 weeks ago. During that time, Data Sense states I have used 2GB of data, while Verizon says .17GB. I do most of my data usage on wi-fi and it almost seems as if Data Sense ...
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Same app diaplayed twice in Data sense

In my Data sense app, a single application (Hike messenger) has been displayed two times as if they are two apps. Here is the image : I had then reset my data plan.Now Hike shows as a single app. Any ...
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