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The desktop media software for Windows Phone.

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12 votes
2 answers

How to sync WP8 with Windows?

I plugged in my HTC 8X into Windows 8 and not much happened. Zune and Windows Media Player do not recognise it as a device. I can see the contents of the device in Windows Explorer and it is listed in ...
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12 votes
2 answers

What do I need to do to get a custom ringtone?

People like customizing the appearance of their WP7; however, I've been wondering if it is possible to use your own ringtone instead of one of the provided ringtones. Two questions regarding this: ...
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5 votes
2 answers

What can I do when Zune doesn't recognise that my phone is plugged in?

I've plugged my phone in, and whilst I hear the USB chime on the PC, and the sync chirp on the Phone, Zune doesn't launch automatically -- If I launch Zune manually, it doesn't think the phone is ...
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7 votes
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Connecting Windows Phone 7 smartphone to the computer without Zune

Is using Zune the only way to access the phone's files via the computer? I assumed that at the very least I would be able to access the Lumia 610's mass memory directly from Windows Explorer as an ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How to get background pictures for the Music + Videos hub?

I have seen pictures of the music + video hub when opened, showing background pictures of the artists/albums you have on your phone. When I open the music + video hub on my device, all I get for a ...
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