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Those symbols indicate which cellular network standard your mobile data connection is currently using, which in turn determines your maximum connection speed. H stands for HSPA, or High Speed Packet Access, with a maximum theoretical speed of 14 Mb/s, or 42 Mb/s with HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access). H+ stands for HSPA+, or Evolved HSPA, with a ...


Unfortunately, Windows Phone 8 does not support network video calling through 3G- for now anyway. Your best bet is to use a third party application.


It may just be that the APN settings have got lost. If you know what they are for your network, you can go to settings > cellular (assuming US English) and edit the APN in there


Has been increased to 50 MB if you are running tango 7.5. Apps above 50 MB can be downloaded with WiFi or PC connection only.


Before turning on internet sharing, you should enable your cellular data connection

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