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Windows 10 Mobile will not run Android apps. The Project Astoria was discontinued. There are some good reasons for it too. It reqiuired an Android subsystem within Windows devices which caused a lot of battery issues and performance downgrade These apps did not have native features such as Tiles, Interactive notifications, etc... The parallel project of ...


There is no way for an end user to install Windows Phone on a non-WP device.1 The possibility you're referring to, of installing Windows Phone on hardware originally designed for Android, is meant for OEMs, to lower the threshold for entering the Windows Phone market (no need to design a handset from scratch). To achieve this, Microsoft added to Windows ...


At this moment that is not possible, you can't run Android Apps on Windows Phone, there is no emulator that can do that, nor it can be done directly, there are some rumors that have been rising these days that Microsoft is thinking about using Android Apps, but that's just a rumor for the moment


Which is better is such a personal decision, and I'd always recommend playing with a real device to see if it would work for you. Instead, and sticking to the facts, I'll focus on transferring data to/from your phone, which is dead simple - the phone appears as a "MTP USB Device", and it "just works" (at least, with Windows 8, or 8.1 - I've not tried with ...


It is obviously an old thread but for future visitors I have to offer a tip: (assuming that the reason of the export is to transfer the list to another phone/device) Instead of just blocking a number you can add the numbers you wish to block in contacts and then block that contact (eg blocked numbers 1, blocked numbers 2, etc, where each contact includes 8-...


Windows 10 mobile does't support APK.


Unfortunately there's currently no option to export the blocked callers list in Windows 10 Mobile. Maybe consider adding this to the feedback hub.


If you just want to see the data, and have an android device, transfer to your Android phone and download a app called SQLite editor, then find your .db files and try to open, I could open some db files on my phone


Here is a quick thought: Sync contacts from Windows phone to Microsoft account Export contacts from Microsoft account to computer Import contacts from computer to Gmail account Sync Gmail contacts to Android. Or follow this article, there will be the other choices.


If you find a special custom ROM for your Samsung Note 4, then it could work. Otherwise it will most definitely not work. Besides flashing unsupported ROMs is normally accompanied with lots of beta testing. If you are not a developer or have an active community where you can report errors you encounter, you will most likely end up with errors which will ...

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