Go to the Settings app > Keyboard > Typing Settings and there will be a button to reset the dictionary. Note that this will delete all custom words. There is no way to delete a single word.


My technique for this is that I teach the dictionary the part of my email that's before the @ symbol. So everytime I need to enter my email address, text prediction shows me my email name after about 2 key presses. Yeah, you then have to enter @yourDomain.com, but I find this much faster than nothing.


Unfortunately it seems that there isn't any "standard" way to reset the dictionary in Windows 10 Mobile. Hopefully this will be added back in soon. I don't want to try this for fear it will actually work, but you could try adding a different keyboard, removing your default one, then reinstalling it. UPDATE: A post recently published by Microsoft states that ...


The only way to remove a word from the dictionary is resetting your complete dictionary by going to Settings -> keyboard -> typing settings -> reset suggestions


Relax there is nothing wrong with your Windows 8.0/8.1 Your are missing out on a few settings. To capitalize your "i" go to settings->keyboard->English(your preferred language) and check-on the correct misspelled words on. This will let type much more smoothly. And once you have checked on you correct misspelled words on. "ill" will be intellisense(auto-...


From my experience (WP8 on Lumia 920), Windows Phone capitalises 'i' to 'I' only on English-US; it just doesn't do it for English-UK. (I have both dictionaries included.) I can't teach it that I is a word for English-UK; word selection for training only appears to work on words of more than one letter. This is rather annoying, as the work around is to ...


It looks like Microsoft forum and WPCentral forum both say that adding foul language to the dictionary is not currently possible.


It is a bug. Microsoft is trying to fix this but don't know if they really are or not.


One workaround is to use accented letters where there should be any. For example, replacing the u in F*ck with ū results in a word which can be added to the dictionary and will happily be suggested by the keyboard.

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