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New standard features users can use immediately. Driving Mode A new feature called Driving Mode helps you get from point A to point B with fewer distractions. Working with a connected Bluetooth device, Driving Mode is designed to limit notifications on the lock screen—including texts, calls, and quick status alerts—until you’re safely parked. New ...


No, calling (ie. the phone app) can't be added to Kids Corner in Windows Phone 8. When setting up Kids Corner, you can add Games, Music, Videos and App you've download from the Windows Phone Store but not many of the built-in apps as the FAQ on Kids Corner mentions... Because they can be used to make changes to your Start screen or phone settings, Hubs ...


It is up to your carrier to release the update. All WP8 phones are eligible to upgrade to the latest updates. If you do not wish to wait, Microsoft has released an app where "developers" can upgrade to Update 3 early. Note that you need to be "qualified" as a developer (it doesn't take much).


You can use other ways to manage your data on you Phone. Via the Windows Phone Desktop App. You can download it here: Via Windows Media Player (Only music) Via explorer (Go to 'This PC', your Windows Phone shows up there)


Following are the key features, Support for bigger, higher-resolution screens Driving Mode New accessibility features Improved Internet Sharing Custom ringtones Rotation lock App switcher For more information check here.


Uninstalled application do consume memory(sometimes). Some uninstalled application data are stored in the folder SDcard/Phone -> WPSystem -> Apps -> WindowsApps -> Deleted These contents are shown in Storage sense under other category. The system should automatically free the contents after a specific period of time. You can also delete it manually(not ...

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