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Is Share option present in Groove Yes there is a share option built into the Groove music player. But, the share option in Groove is a URL/link sharing option and not a file sharing option. Below is the changelog related to this option, when the feature arrived to Groove in version 3.6.2142 Copy links to songs, albums, and artists right in the app so you ...


Follow these steps: Open Settings Click on System Select Groove Music Click the Advanced options link Click the Reset button Click Reset one more time to confirm. Using the reset feature will delete all the app data on the device, including preferences and sign-in details.


Toggle the repeat icon to your desired preference. If you want it to repeat a playlist or all songs, touch it once and it should highlight that its active. If you would like to repeat one track, click on it again, and it should show you a tiny 1 superscript on the icon, to signify that the player will be repeating/looping one track:


There are multiple ways to do this. Some are: A playlist Add the song to a playlist and play that list. Repeat one Tap repeat until Groove repeats only one song. Create a single album Since you have the music file you can edit its info and create a single album for that song yourself. Then play that album.


Unfortunately Microsoft removed the ability to reset Groove Music from the Settings menu. However, you can delete everything in the Grove Music database and start over from scratch. NOTE: These instructions assume all of your music is being stored on a microSD card. If this isn't the case you should buy a microSD (they're dirt cheap anymore, so you have no ...

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